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RSS Manager - a .NET component, which realizes the full management of RSS compatible content




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RSS Manager is a .NET component, which realizes the full management of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) compatible content.

RSS Manager is a tool that can be easilyembedded to your Web or Windows application.

RSS Manager allows you automatically manipulate all RSS fields and can be used either for importing RSS feed from any web site or for exporting your own content to other sites.

The ability to parse and publish OPML feeds (Outline Processor Markup Language) and RDF (Resource Description Framework) was added in RSS Manager V1.3. Please visit OPML site and RDF site for details.

Here are some key features of "RSS Manager":

■ Retreives RSS content, parse and establish in object model
■ Uses URL, file or XML string as RSS source
■ Publishes RSS content on a web page
■ Saves RSS document to file
■ Parses and publish OPML feeds
■ Ability to work with RDF feeds


■ .NET Framework


■ 15 days trial
Last updated on December 20th, 2006