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An application designed to integrate .NET Framework scripts into applications, supporting code written in C#, VB.NET and JScript.NET





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Scripter.NET is written in C# and it can integrate, debug and run .NET Framework script engines designed to be executed at runtime.

Scripter.NET uses VSA/CodeDOM technology that makes possible to use C#, VB.NET and JScript.NET scripts. Scripter.NET is built on .NET classes. It's shipped with full source code, including design-time code.
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
Scripter.NET - The application allows you to open your program file and displays a code explorer containing all its classes and methods.Scripter.NET - You can split, cascade and tile your workspace from the Window menu of the application.Scripter.NET - You can debug the script using the available menu item, or you can attempt to run the program directly.Scripter.NET - Scripter.NET offers you a demonstration of some thread sorting algorithms, including bubble and quick sort.