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SlickEdit Tools is a collection of utilities for Visual Studio




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Discover faster and more accurate development with SlickEdit Tools. SlickEdit Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is a collection of utilities for Visual Studio that provides a developer with greater capabilities directly in the IDE. SlickEdit Tools delivers powerful and time saving features within Microsoft's latest development environment.

With SlickEdit Tools you you will be able review historical changes to code, display and edit differences in files and directories, navigate code, and develop applications more efficiently. SlickEdit Tools integrates directly into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Here are some key features of "SlickEdit Tools":

■ Comment Wrapping
Comment Wrapping enhances the code editor by formatting comments as you type. Wrapping works with any type of multi-line comment: line comments, block comments, and XMLdoc and Javadoc comments. Additionally, existing comments can be "reflowed" to reformat them.

■ Backup History
Backup History creates local versions of files each time a file is saved, providing a convenient way to access previous versions of a file even if it has not been checked into source control. Backup History does not replace source control; it bridges the gap between check-ins, providing a greater safety net for your coding.

■ Auto Code Doc Viewer
The Auto Code Doc Viewer automatically turns your comments into MSDN-like documentation. The tool creates fully linked HTML help that can be browsed in a Visual Studio tool window. All help pages provide a link to jump directly to the referenced source code, so it's easy to get from a help page to the actual source code.

■ Aliases and Acronyms
SlickEdit Tools now provides directory aliases and has enhanced the Microsoft Intellisense feature with acronym expansion. Directory aliases are short identifiers for long directory names, which save a lot of typing and mouse use when opening files. Acronyms work similarly but represent class, namespace, and function names in your code.

■ Regex Evaluator
Regex Evaluator provides the ability to interactively create, save, and re-use tests of regular expressions. Regular expressions may be run in the test window or may be applied directly against the active document.

■ Icon Extractor
The Icon Extractor has the ability to search Windows executables and DLLs (both managed and unmanaged) for embedded icons and images. These icons and images are presented in a list and can be applied to WinForm designer components with simple drag-and-drop operations.

■ DIFFzilla
DIFFzilla enables you to compare files or directories and view the differences. Documents in the Diff window can be easily edited in place, updating the comparison as you type. DIFFzilla offers customizable options related to file comparison, integration with Backup History, and Source Control integration for Source Safe 2005 and CVS.

■ Quick Profiling
Quick Profiling provides an extremely precise way to profile your code without profiling the whole thing. It provides a way to time many cases that are extremely difficult to analyze with standard profilers. Additionally, the results of several runs may be graphed and compared to view the results of code changes and determine the effect of those changes.

■ Word Completions
Word Completions enhances existing visual studio completions by completing words elsewhere in the current document, even in comments.

■ Code Navigation
Code navigation provides rapid navigation from a symbol to a definition or from a symbol to a reference allowing you to navigate your code the way you think about it.

■ Quick Launch
Quick Launch* provides the capability to open the active document or Visual Studio solution in the SlickEdit application. This provides a quick convenient way to start the standalone SlickEdit editor from Visual Studio to work with the current file or solution. * Requires SlickEdit v10.0.2 or higher


■ Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Last updated on January 16th, 2007