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A reliable, useful and effective Java library that comes in handy for developers who need to modify, uncompress and re-compress any media file

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Whether you need to perform any modifications to media files using Java codes or simply convert them to multiple media formats such as FLV, AVI or MPEG-4, Xuggler is worth a shot. It is a practical and useful Java library specially designed for developers who need to manipulate video content using Java scripts.

Taking into consideration the huge amount of videos presented on the Internet, developers frequently need to modify these files in their applications. Because Xuggler uses FFmpeg, known as being a cross-platform solution for recording, capturing and converting audio and video files, the utility handles video transcoding and media modifications.

What’s important is that Xuggler provides you with two distinct programming APIs namely MediaTool API and Xuggler Advanced API.

The first one helps you to quickly decode, encode and modify media files using Java scripts, while the second component enables you to add a layer of complexity when it comes to performing these kinds of actions.

Therefore, if you want to transcode media from one format to another, you’ll just have to specify the ‘inputfilename’ and the ‘outputfilename’. For instance, using the ‘private static’ variable in Java, you can easily specify the path and the output format. Firstly, you need to import a new IMediaReader listener whose main purpose is to read and decode the specified media. Then, writing all the arguments, you have the possibility to open the media container and start converting your files.

Considering all the above, Xuggler is an effective Java library specially intended for developers who need to perform transcoding and media manipulation actions.

Xuggler was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on November 4th, 2013