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A microprocessor opcode disassembler






DASMx was developed to be a disassembler for a range of common 8-bit microprocessors. The following main processor families are supported:
- Motorola 6800 family and single chip variants (including Hitachi 630X devices);
- Motorola 6809;
- MOS Technology 6502 and Rockwell 65C0X;
- Zilog Z80;
- Sharp LR35902 (single chip Z80 variant as used in the Nintendo GameBoy);
- Intel MCS-80/85TM family (i.e. 8080 and 8085);
- Intel MCS-48TM family (i.e. 8048 et al);
- Intel MCS-51TM family (i.e. 8051 et al);
- Signetics 2650.

The disassembler takes as input a binary code/data image file (typically a ROM image) and generates either an assembler source file or a listing file. DASMx is a multi-pass disassembler with automatic symbol generation. DASMx can optionally use a symbol file containing user-defined symbols and specifications of data areas within the source image.

DASMx includes a powerful feature called code threading. Using known code entry points (e.g. reset and interrupt vectors) and by performing partial emulation of the processor, the disassembler is able to follow known code paths within a source binary image.

Use of code threading, together with the multi-pass operation and symbol table management permits readable assembly code output from source images that contain large amounts of data (which tend to confuse most disassemblers).
Last updated on August 28th, 2010
DASMx - DASMx is a disassembler for a range of common 8-bit microprocessors.

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