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A useful HTTP debugging proxy utility that logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet and decrypts HTTPS web sessions

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Fiddler is a simple, yet highly reliable software solution that performs HTTP debugging by recording the traffic between the web and your machine. Fiddler can be used for multiple purposes, but its main aim is to assist users in testing web applications, by logging everything that goes on at every request.

The developer, formerly a Microsoft Program Manager on the IE development team, thought of everything a user would need to test and diagnose a website and bundled all of these features inside an application that acts like a debugging HTTP proxy server.

It manages to log HTTP activity by adding itself to WININET in order to inspect all the requests and events in real time. The amount of output data can be overwhelming at times, so filtering the results is highly recommended.

On one hand, Fiddler is able to record incoming and outgoing data and on the other hand, it can also be used to ‘fiddle’ (tamper or better said, interfere) with traffic as it is being transmitted. Designed as a web debugger and a proxy server, Fiddler serves in logging data from any application that supports proxy use, such as web browsers, as well as traffic from modern devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The user-interface may seem overcrowded at first, but this is due to the large amount of information it aims to offer. A second glance leaves you with the impression that it’s well-organized and easy to navigate through.

By default, the capturing feature is enabled and leaving it on will populate the reports instantly. It might be a good idea to turn it off until you set some filters, which is a must if you wish to reduce the reports to certain points of interest.

Statistics include performance parameters such as response times and amount of transmitted data (in bytes), while the Inspector comprises a variety of traffic details regarding Headers, Cookies, JSON, XML, etc. In addition, you can launch multiple instances at the same time and you can save the sessions for later use.

To conclude, Fiddler is an excellent choice for testing and diagnosing web applications and websites. It offers am impressive quantity of information regarding HTTP traffic and is able to sniff data from any platform that features proxy support.

Fiddler Web Debugger was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 17th, 2015
Fiddler Web Debugger - By using Fiddler Web Debugger you are able to quickly inspect and debug traffic from any clientFiddler Web Debugger - From the Rules menu you have the possibility to hide image requests and remove all the encodingsFiddler Web Debugger - You can navigate to the Tools menu of the application if you want to configure the optionsFiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #4Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #5Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #6Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #7Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #8Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #9Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #10Fiddler Web Debugger - screenshot #11

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