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A handy and reliable assembler level analyzing debugger worth having when you need to examine and modify program executions, as well as to set breakpoints

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OllyDbg is a software solution built specifically for debugging multi-thread programs. The application is able to perform code analysis and to display information about registers, loops, API calls, switches and many others. It focuses on binary code analysis, and can reveal important data, especially when the source is unavailable.

It sports a clean interface, and you can easily access its main features directly from the main window. You can drag and drop the applications into the main window, or add them by using the built-in browse function. The program is able to load and debug DLLs on the spot. Moreover, it can trace the program execution and log arguments.

OllyDbg can provide information about the log data (address, message), executable modules (size, entry, name, file version, path), memory map (address, size, owner, access), threads (entry, last error, entry, TIB, priority), and CPU (registers, address). Moreover, it allows users to set conditional, logging, memory and hardware breakpoints.

More experienced users may fiddle with some advanced features, as they can configure the following parameters: code (operands, addresses, dump, strings), and debugging process (events, exceptions, trace). The advanced analysis can help you decode tricky code sequences and extract the number of arguments of unknown functions.

It is also possible to customize its appearance, as you can change the code highlighting scheme, font styles and colors.

In conclusion, OllyDbg proves to be a reliable tool that can debug applications, trace the program execution, and recognize complex code constructs, among many other useful features it provides.

OllyDbg was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2013
OllyDbg - With the help of OllyDbg you are able to trace program execution, logs arguments and hardware breakpointsOllyDbg - From the context menu you are able to create a new backup job, or simple insert a new labelOllyDbg - You have the possibility to search for specific commands, constants and binary stringsOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbgOllyDbg

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