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Decompile entire Java files or just specific parts, get two versions of the same class, create JVM instructions, examine exception table information, and more






jdec is a Java decompiler that facilitates a user-friendly interface for taking apart Java applications by reversing the bytecodes from .class files. It can be used to attempt and duplicate a Java source file.

The tool is compatible with jdk from Sun Microsystems, as the Java package supplied by GNU doesn't work properly. There's no installation involved, so you can save the files anywhere on the disk and launch the executable file.

You can decompile an entire Jar or filter it to extract only specific parts, such a single class, as well as two versions of the same class from a Jar file or folder. The program may also be used to create JVM instructions for a class file (similar to Sun's javap), examine exception table information after disassembling a class file, and to check out the method names and field data of class files.

Syntax highlighting is supported and can be customized when it comes to the keywords, numbers, operators, strings, and annotations (background and foreground colors, effects). It's possible to update the decompile filters, create and manage a favorites list, show or hide the system time, automatically locate Jar files using a built-in function, as well as to compile and run Java apps.
Last updated on June 30th, 2008
jdec - JDec Decompiler's main window will allow you to load the java file you want to decompile to view its source and to obtain an usable java source file.jdec - JDec Decompiler's Utilities menu entry will allow you to get quick access the program's most important commands from a single central place.jdec - JDec Syntax Highlighting Module will allow you to customize the highlighting settings according to your own preferences and needs.

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