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ASP Express allows you the extreme flexibility of an HTML text editor




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ASP Express - DotNet Edition
An ASP.Net, Classic ASP, as well as HTML Editor. It has all the features of the Standard Edition - PLUS ASP.Net

ASP Express allows you the extreme flexibility of an HTML text editor, while giving you the automation of a great ASP and ASP.Net text editor.

Here are some key features of "ASP Express":

■ Basic Structures, like:
■ Select
■ If-Then
■ Do-While
■ For/Next
■ ADO Connection Assistant:
■ Here's one of the best ASP or ASP.Net additions to hit an editor in a long time.
■ Automatically insert all the information for an ADO Connection with very little work at all. Just insert your variable names for Connection, Recordset, DSN & SQL Select & Insert Statements. Then - for the best part of all - the SQL Select & Insert Statement Assistants - use your local database copy to easily assemble your SQL Select or Insert Statements!
■ SQL Builder Assistant:
■ (works with MS Access AND SQL Server 7/2000)
■ Create complex SQL statements to use with your ADO connection - both SELECT (including Inner Join) & INSERT statements. All your tables & fields are automatically accessible from pull-down menus, along with all the variable names you created on the page!
■ Once you've done these short steps, voila - your ADO connection and your basic SQL statement is inserted and you didn't even break a sweat!
■ (For direct SQL Server utilization, SQL tools must be installed on your development computer, like Enterprise Mgr/Client Network Utility)
■ You can even choose to automatically insert the output in an HTML table or a Select List if you want!
■ Email Asstant: Easily create an ASP document using CDO to do your email jobs
■ Choose your MS Access or SQL Server 7/200 database and table - ASP Express automatically generates the HTML for the input form!
■ Choose between regular form format, or ASP.Net format!
■ The Express Toolbox: One tab lists all your commonly used ASP, ASP.Net VBScript , Javascript, & HTML tags and Assistants; one tab allows you to have a listing of your local files, and one tab allows for opening and saving your files web site files directly from the File Server using FTP
■ DataServer Window: Keep your data connections handy during ASP Express sessions - easily see which tables/fields are in the database and much more!
■ Greatly Improved FTP Capabilites - now FTP'ing of files is easier than ever!
■ Express Menus
■ Auto/Pop-up Completion for common ASP syntax such as Response, Request, & Server. Soon - even more (Connection, Recordset, FilesystemObject)
■ Global ASA Template creation
■ Simple Key Strokes for opening & closing ASP script
■ Code Librarian stocked with many code snippets - allows you to build your own often-used code snippet library!
■ ASP Hit Counter Assistant
■ Make any HTML tag phrase 'Response.Write' - ready - highlight and convert your HTML into a Response.Write statement!
■ Go To Line Number Feature
■ Turn WordWrapping on or off as needed .
■ A 'REQUEST' Assistant for easily adding Request.Form & Request.QueryString Variables & Form Field Text Box Input Names, along with Server Variables in a pull down list!
■ An Easy RESPONSE Assistant for easily adding Response.Write statements!
■ Seamlessly add include statements, browsing for the files
■ Easily Drag & Drop between ASP Express & other applications
■ When you format your HTML text - it stays highlighted to more easily add other HTML formatting or links to existing text
■ Easily create an HTML Table from Excel or Access data pasted into ASP Express - with a simple double-click!
■ Full Search & Replace within open documents or even entire subdirectories!


■ 45 day trial
Last updated on May 12th, 2006
ASP Express DotNetASP Express DotNet

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