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A software utility that enables you to easily create your own software applications, using a friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop interface

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Even though programming languages are getting simpler and simpler every day, they still require a few months of learning before you are able to create your own, albeit basic, applications. In addition, it is also rather time consuming to write the code from scratch, especially if you want to create a slightly more complex programs with a large number of variables.

Drag-and-drop programming environment

Algorithm is a software utility that aims to make software creation a simple and intuitive task, by eliminating the need to write lengthy code and keep track of many different files and libraries at the same time. Hence, by providing you with a creative drag-and-drop interface, you are able to achieve comparable results without having too much experience when it comes to programming.

In order to achieve this, the application contains a few predefined objects you can place into your project, such as calendars, buttons, combo boxes and labels. In addition, all of these can be easily placed on the already created window form, which spares you the trouble of having to create one from scratch and deal with the Win32 API syntax.

Add custom events and actions

Despite the fact that you can easily add a wide array of elements to your program, they also need to have a function, so that they can be useful to the person using your application. To this effect, Algorithm allows you to add events to each item you add to the form, which takes place whenever a certain action is undertaken by the user.

Thus, whether you click on a button or you focus on a certain field, there are a few types of events that can follow the said actions, each one of which affects a certain value in your program. In addition, you can also change the properties of various other elements, such as the main window or the object that is currently in use.

A simple and straightforward application creator

Although you cannot develop too complex programs from within a drag-and-drop interface, Algorithm is a good way to start making your way up to more difficult programming languages. In addition, the intuitive controls and the easy-to-use GUI make the application a very good option for absolute beginners as well.

Algorithm was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
Algorithm - You can add buttons, images, labels and other design elements into the main window of the application.Algorithm - The File menu allows you to create a new project and export the current one as a VB .NET project.Algorithm - You can perform the copy, paste and cut operations by accessing the Edit menu.AlgorithmAlgorithmAlgorithmAlgorithmAlgorithm

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