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A simple to use utility that enables you to create and edit Dao language scripts, offering you a comprehensive working environment

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Dao Studio is a reliable application that facilitates the creation and editing of source code scripts in the Dao programming language. The software is built on the C++ platform, but offers a comprehensive working space, GUI, as well as easy text embedding and extending.

Optionally typed programming language

Dao Studio is an integrated development platform for the Dao programming language, that allows you to author or edit source code scripts in a graphic interface. Typing the text is optional, yet the software features type inference and static checking. Other text editing tools are available, such as search and replace, or the common functions copy, cut, paste.

Dao Studio offers advanced support for variable checks and displays the complete information regarding constants or associated data. The working space is complemented by the console, in which you can verify the syntax and compile the script. Moreover, a log tab displays all the actions that take place in a session.

Load and edit previous projects

Dao Studio allows you to easily load the source files, by brwosing the folders on your system, with the help of the integrated explorer. Simply select the .DAO project file, then let the software display it for you in a separate tab. You may easily edit syntax or add new commands in the current project.

There are several VIM commands that you can access through the means of shortcuts, with key combinations. The software describes these commands and can guide you through the usage of the editor. Additionally, the software supports a multitude of source code file formats, from .DAO, to C/C++ files or header files, Lua, Python, Perl, PipeLang, SDML, Text, HTML, CGI or Qt documents.

User-friendly environment for programming

With Dao Studio, editing source code from several types of files is made easy, quick and convenient. The software’s graphical interface makes typing the text optional, but it still features powerful text editing functions. Moreover, you may easily compile the script, export it as a .DAO project or print it.

Dao Studio was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on November 29th, 2014
Dao Studio - Dao Studio is an integrated developing environment for the Dao programming language that features user-friendly functions.Dao Studio - The software allows you to easily load and edit several source code files, including Dao files, C, C++ or Python.Dao Studio - screenshot #3Dao Studio - You may easily edit a text, by using the classic cut, copy and paste functions, but you may also search or replace syntax.Dao Studio - screenshot #5Dao Studio - screenshot #6Dao Studio - screenshot #7

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