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A lightweight utility that enables its users to easily edit or create property list files with the help of a few intuitive tools

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Free PList Editor is an application designed for those who need to create or edit a .plist file on a Windows operating system. Plist files, or property lists are structured pieces of text which contain valuable configuration information which is associated to a bundled executable.

Straightforward interface

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Free PList Editor displays a user-friendly interface which makes the application easy on the eye, and also usable by people who are just starting up with this kind of tool.

From its main window you are able to load a .plist file or create a new one, add keys and descriptive values to the dictionary along with the rest of the information that tells your operating system how the application is configured.

Free PList Editor’s graphical user interface is comprised out of a top pane from where you can access features and options, and the actual data editing space, making for an intuitive workspace.

Load .plist files and edit them

The application enables you to open property list files and manipulate data that is contained inside them. It’s possible to add keys and assign siblings to them, choose between data types such as ‘Array’, ‘Dictionary’, ‘String’, ‘Date’, ‘Integer’, ‘Real’ and ‘Boolean’, as well as insert values for each one.

Data can be edited after a double-click in the appropriate field, copied or moved, and if you’re dealing with a large and complex file, Free PList Editor provides a find and replace feature that can help you speed editing along.

A practical property list editor

With the above to consider and a few more things to discover, it’s safe to say that if you're looking for a decent property list editor, then you can certainly try Free PList Editor.

Free PList Editor was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Free PList Editor - Free PList Editor enables you to create property list files as well as open existing ones and wok on them.Free PList Editor - From the Edit drop-down menu the user can copy, cut or paste content while editing a file.Free PList Editor - Accessing the Find/Replace function, you are able to find and replace key and value data.

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