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A file editor/viewer for executable files that combine the functionality of a debugger and the usability of an IDE

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HT Editor has been created as a file viewer for checking executable files in particular but it can also be used for analyzing text and binary information.

No installation is required for working with the program as it deploys as soon as the executable file is launched.

Console view

Looks are not exactly user friendly considering that all the interface is actually a console window, so using the mouse is not an option and you have to rely entirely on the keyboard.

If you require special configuration settings these are stored in the same place as the executable file of the application. There is also the possibility to create a configuration file for the currently analyzed file, which contains the necessary details for restoring to the previous state of the analyzer.


Among the tools included in the application there is an expression evaluator, Blocktop, a tool that can perform modifications of the binary files and present only in HEX view.

A search function is also present and it features multiple modes: bin (ASCII and HEX as well as strings and regular expressions). A more advanced search that is also more time consuming is “expr nonzero”, which comes in handy when looking for patterns.

Additional functions available in HT Editor include cutting, copying, pasting and deleting, all being assigned keyboard shortcuts.


HT Editor is a powerful tool designed for the more advanced users. There is sufficient documentation available and it should take too long for all the commands and functions to sink in.

It comes with support for plenty of executable file types, including portable executables (PE32 and PE64), Java class files (CLASS), XBOX (XBE), PowerPC, linear or standard DOS ones.

HT Editor was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
HT Editor - The main window of the application allows you to load an executable file and to view the hexadecimal code.HT Editor - screenshot #2HT Editor - screenshot #3HT Editor - screenshot #4HT Editor - You can use the program just like a text editor that has a separate clipboard but can also use the Windows Clipboard.HT Editor - screenshot #6HT Editor - screenshot #7HT Editor - The program allows you to create a new project and to change its preferences from the Windows menu.

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