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Easy-to-use and reliable hex editor with an intuitive interface, rich features and configuration parameters, catering to advanced users

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Hex Edit is a comprehensive software utility developed for enthusiastic users who want to edit the hexadecimal code of a file.

It features a clean and intuitive interface that's quite comfortable to work with. Files can be opened for hex viewing via the file browser or drag-and-drop support.

After turning off read-only mode, you can jump to any offset and modify hex values seamlessly, just like in a common word processor.

Apart from performing standard operations, such as cut, copy, paste text and undo actions, you may write and append a selection, insert a file at the cursor position and data using various fill options, toggle highlighting, set bookmarks, as well as use a calculator for hex values.

It is possible to compute checksums (e.g. CRC-32, MD5), encrypt or decrypt selected text, compress and decompress data, generate random bytes to fill in spaces, flip bytes, toggle between Little and Big Endian mode, increment and decrement data, as well as record and play macros for repetitive tasks. These are just some of the tools provided by Hex Edit.

As far as options are concerned, you may establish file type filters, configure keystroke macros, customization history lists, set the tool to save settings on exit automatically, change the workspace display mode, and many others.

The tool has minimal impact on overall performance, so it does not hog CPU and memory. It is very responsive to commands and performed smoothly throughout our evaluation, without making the OS hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its wide array of settings, Hex Edit should satisfy advanced users in hex editing.

Hex Edit was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 17th, 2013
Hex Edit - Hex Edit will provide users with a binary file editor or hex editor with powerful toolsHex Edit - The File menu will offer a list of basic functions as well as options like Export / Import Motorola S Records or Intel HexHex Edit - Users will be able to access options such as Application Look, Auto Fit, Font, Decimal Addresses, Display Mode or Character SetHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex EditHex Edit

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