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Hexadecimal file editor that offers many features

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ICY Hexplorer is a handy and reliable hex editor that offers you many tools for modifying file data. Providing users with a simple interface, this application can help you view and edit hexadecimal data of files of any type.

All you have to do is select the desired file using either the file browser or the 'drag and drop' function. The software shows it in hex view together with text interpretation of bytes in two separate panes.

Many features are included, such as color schemes for interpreting bytes visually, string highlighting capability, as well as a structure library viewer and creator.

The selected byte strings are highlighted in order to ease the navigation. Furthermore, you can use the find and replace function, the navigator or the 'Go To' option to easily identify certain addresses or repeating patterns.

In addition, it supports exporting or importing a wide variety of binary files, including ASCII, XXDP, Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record, SPASM and more.

The hex code can be edited by inserting external texts, pasting HEX chains or applying OR / AND / negations. Plus, you can increment or decrement, flip or swap bytes and use the 'Byte Occurrence' tool to view the percentages in which every byte appears.

ICY Hexplorer comes with a disassemble tool, unlimited undo level and a pixel viewer that you can use to view binaries in bitmap form. Calculating checksums and CRC values, as well as file encryption are other advantages that this application brings you. Plus, it features a fast pseudo number generator and it enables you to record macro scripts for automating common tasks.

As for its appearance, the application allows a high level of customization. From colors and fonts, to column display or the toolbar, you can choose the options that better suit your preferences.

ICY Hexplorer is an easy to use data editing software that comes bundled with many features, while keeping the first-time user in mind.

ICY Hexplorer was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on September 20th, 2012
ICY Hexplorer - ICY Hexplorer is an easy to use and reliable hex editor that supports 20 different formats of binary files.ICY Hexplorer - The application allows you to accss the disassembler and the Windows Calculator from this menu.ICY Hexplorer - You can add a new structure or select a predefined one from the designated menu of the application.ICY Hexplorer

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