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A powerful interactive development environment (IDE) for Java technologies

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JCreator LE is designed to provide Java developers with an easy to use, yet powerful environment for easily creating applications.

The tab-based interface allows you to easily move from one file to another and makes it the ideal IDE for learning the basics of the Java programming language. Furthermore, it provides all the necessary tools for Java editing right at your fingertips, making code writing easy.

The software comes with powerful code editing tools to help you develop Java, web-based and applets. The 'Project Wizard' is there to assist you in creating your workspace and configuring the classpath. To ease your work even more, use one of the predefined project templates.

The advanced editor features syntax highlighting and auto-completion capability, which helps you make sure that casing and spelling are correct. Code folding allows you to hide code lines, which comes in handy when working with large code sections.

Code snippets, automatic suggestions, keyword completion and the code identifier are designed to improve your code writing speed, while maintaining its quality. Easy code navigation, the advanced find and replace tool, a Java API browser and version control are other advantages that this application brings you.

The software provides multiple wizards that can assist you. There is a 'Class Wizard' that you can use to create new classes and implement interfaces and a 'Check Out Wizard' that allows you to export your project.

With JCreator LE, you can easily debug a file or an entire project and manage breakpoints. It allows you to view the variables and monitor threads in order to ensure that your code is working as it should.

The fully customizable interface and the easy learning curve make JCreator LE the ideal software solution for beginner Java developers, while the rich and versatile feature set meets the requirements of advanced programmers.

JCreator LE was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 4th, 2013
JCreator LE - You can use the main window of the software to load and edit the projects you want.JCreator LE - The right click context menu allows you to quickly access and use the Cut and Copy functions.JCreator LE - The Edit menu enables you to access all the bookmarks and use the search function.JCreator LE - screenshot #4JCreator LE - screenshot #5JCreator LE - screenshot #6JCreator LE - screenshot #7JCreator LE - screenshot #8JCreator LE - screenshot #9JCreator LE - screenshot #10JCreator LE - screenshot #11JCreator LE - screenshot #12JCreator LE - screenshot #13

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