ResEx 1.5 Beta

Composite, translation friendly .NET Resource editor

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What's new in ResEx 1.5 Beta:

  • Automated translation using Microsoft Translator services
  • Editing of base resource set
  • Addition/Removal of resource items in the resource bundle
  • Plug in infrastructure to extend project features
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Dimitris Papadimitriou
C: \ Programming \ File Editors
5 ResEx Screenshots:
ResEx - Open ResEx and click File>Open in the main menu to open a resource file. Click on menu item Tools>Add Culture to create a new file which will contain the translated resources. Select the language your are about to translate in the dialog window thatResEx - The developer can lock some resource items so that ResEx does not allow the translator to translated them. This can be done by adding the # symbol at the beginning of the resource comment.ResEx - The developer can optionally set maximum length for some resource strings so that translator does not exceed this length when translating. This can be useful when the context where the resource string is to be used has limited size. To restrict the lengthResExResEx
The ResEx application was developed to be a composite, translation friendly .NET Resource editor. It provides a straightforward environment that a translator can user to translate resources in a human friendly way, but at the same time safe for the .NET compiler that will later use the result.

Developers can create resource files for translators to translate by specifying at the same time features like locked resources (not to be translated), max length for specific strings etc. At the same time ResEx makes sure that string with place holders ({0},{1} etc.) or shortcut characters (&) are translated correctly.

Last updated on July 10th, 2010

Runs on: Windows All

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