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A powerful software solution that can be used to crack wireless security keys, namely WEP and WPA, using several types of attacks

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Aircrack-ng GUI is a complex software utility that should only be used by authorized network administrators looking to retrieve the password of wireless networks they are managing or when they are trying to determine which security keys need to be replaced by more powerful ones.

The application can efficiently recover 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys after it has processed a so-called capture file, such as CAP, PCAP, IVS or DUMP, which was created after enough data packets were recorded.

Aircrack-ng GUI relies on standard FMS (Fluhrer, Mantin and Shamir) attack, strengthened by KoreK attacks and complemented by the PTW attack, so as to make the entire process complete faster compared to other applications dedicated to WEP cracking.

Before proceeding with breaking a security key, users can select the encryption algorithm and enter the key size, as well as configure the advanced options, if needed. Thus, one can specify the ESSID (Extended Service Set Identification) or the BSSID (Basic Service Set Identification), along with activating single or multi-threaded bruteforce attack.

All in all, as mentioned earlier, it is best if Aircrack-ng GUI is run by experienced users who can easily determine the chipset in their wireless card, then start cracking the WEP or WPA keys.

However, if there are any novices who want to experiment with the functions and features of Aircrack-ng GUI, they can resort to the documentation and follow the instructions step by step.

Aircrack-ng GUI was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 20th, 2013
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