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Automate the build, test and release processes and focus on more important issues






Automated Build Studio is a tool that is used to create macros. A macro includes a sequence of operations to be executed as well as variables and constants that can be used by operations. A macro is an analogue of a project in development to o or Borland Delphi. You can save and load macros into Automated Build Studio, insert one macro into another, run macros, debug them, check the results and perform other actions.

Automated Build Studio is a powerful build and release management system that will provide an easy way to automate the software development build, test and release processes. Its intuitive interface and unprecedented flexibility allows even inexperienced users to create complex visual macros which can automate repetitive or day-to-day tasks with the single click of a button.

Macro runs can be scheduled for automatic execution with the built-in Task Scheduler. This makes Automated Build Studio the ultimate solution to create reliable automatic daily builds of your software. Automated Build Studio lets you automate each step of the build process: from retrieving files from a version control system, to building installation packages, running automated tests and deploying the latest release of your software projects.

Automated Build Studio is tightly integrated with other AutomatedQA products - AQtime, TestComplete and AQdevTeam. This allows you to not only automate your builds, but in fact automate the entire quality assurance and release processes adopted by your organization.

Automation of builds, test runs, memory leak and performance bottleneck searches, creation of bug reports, and finally, releases and deployment can all be accomplished using Automated Build Studio.

Even though the product name includes the word "build", you can use Automated Build Studio to automate any common or everyday tasks in your organization.
Last updated on October 2nd, 2009
Automated Build Studio - All the operations that you can use in your macros are displayed in the Operations panel, on the left side of the main window.Automated Build Studio - This is the Edit Script Form window of the Automated Build Studio. You can use this feature from context menu.Automated Build Studio - The Summary panel displays logs on two runs of the current macro. The first log, which is shown on the left of the panel, is the log of the current run or the log of the macro run that has just finished.Automated Build Studio - You can use the Customize Operations Palette dialog to configure operations and categories displayed in the Operations panel.Automated Build Studio - Users can specify how to work with recently used macros from the Project Preferences dialog inside the Options menuAutomated Build Studio - To set the preferred style and options for all user interface elements one can use the User Interface panel from the Options window