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Monitor changes in your .NET project and generate a folder containing only the files that you modify, in order to share the new files with others much easier

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ChangePackBuilder can be of assistance to any .NET programmer, since it can monitor a folder for changes in code files and then generate a directory containing just the files that have been modified. This pack can be sent to the other team members, allowing you to share your vision on the project much easier.

The application provides real-time monitoring for .NET programming projects, helping you quickly view the files that are affected by your actions, whether you edit them directly or use a dedicated IDE.

With its forthright interface, ChangePackBuilder shouldn't pose any difficulties to users. Your task is simple: just select the folder you want the application to keep an eye on and set the output destination directory where the change pack should be saved.

Once you press the 'Start monitoring' button, the application oversees all the source code files within the target location, displaying the name and path of a file that receives modifications.

You can remove a file from the list using the designated option in the right-click menu or even clear the whole list with the push of a button.

Building the change pack is just as easy and it takes no longer than a few seconds, depending on the number of containing files. Practically, what ChangePackBuilder does is copy the files that have been modified to the user-defined folder, which can be then sent to your colleagues or submitted for code reviewing.

One major plus is that the original structure of the project is maintained, with the root directory excluded. This helps your co-workers identify the location of the changed files much faster and quicker.

The functionality of ChangePackBuilder recommends it to all .NET programmers who are working on a project with others. The fast creation of the change pack based on real-time monitoring results can encourage team work and communication.

ChangePackBuilder was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 16th, 2014
ChangePackBuilder - ChangePackBuilder can monitor a folder for changes and create a pack that only includes the modified files.