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This is a database editor for the [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station, enabling users to view, edit and delete cheat codes

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Cheat Database Editor is a simple-to-use database editor for the [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station. It sports a few handy settings that can be easily figured out.

No installation necessary

There is no setup pack involved, which makes the tool portable. It means that you can copy the program files to any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run.

There is also the possibility to save it to a pen drive or other removable storage unit, in order to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no previous installers. What's more, it does not add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the disk clean after removal.

User-friendly interface with intuitive options

The GUI consists of a regular window with a plain and simple layout, where you can view a predefined list of video games. Clicking an entry reveals the cheat codes.

It is possible to edit properties when it comes to the game name and ID, shark codes, extensions, description and comments. Additional information may be looked up online, including game reviews.

A search function is available. What's more, you can remove games from the list or sort them, create a favorites list for quick access, import data from HTML files, merge databases, and export info to ePSXEe format.

Evaluation and conclusion

There were no type of stability issues in our testing, since Cheat Database Editor did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and leaves a small footprint on system resources using low CPU and RAM. On the other hand, we must also take into account that the app has not been updated for a long time. Otherwise, it gets the job done.

Cheat Database Editor was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 12th, 2014
Cheat Database Editor - This is a database editor for the freeware [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station.Cheat Database Editor - One important feature on PEC Edit is the addition of FAVORITES.