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Specifically designed for beginner programmers, this lightweight application can help users write and execute small programs in VB. NET

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Creating a fully-functional application requires solid programming knowledge that is acquired in time. Fortunately, there are various online tutorials that can assist any aspiring programmer in learning more about syntax, functions and used data types. Alternatively, beginners can also use applications specifically designed for this purpose, such as Code Easy.

Focuses on practical examples

This particular application aims to help inexperienced programmers understand the principles the VB.Net language relies on using practical examples only.

It does not bundle boring courses to teach you the syntax or other details about Visual Basic, but you should take the time to go through a few introductory tutorials before using it.

A minimalistic IDE for VB.NET

Code Easy is actually a small IDE that can be used for writing code and executing it in a user-friendly environment.

Its major advantage is that it bundles a set of functions that enables you to enter the arguments using drop-down lists or text boxes, without actually writing the syntax. This way, beginners can learn about the VB.Net syntax in a much easier manner and remember it for when they need to write the code themselves.

A handy utility in the toolbox of wannabe programmers

Code Easy is specifically designed for beginners, aiming to provide an additional teaching material for those who intend on learning VB.NET. Leaving room for improvement, it bundles just a small set of examples, such as generating a message box, using the 'IF' function or declaring variables.

With Code Easy, you can easily create small programs and execute them. Adding it more examples and more detailed explanations for each function could really make it more appealing to users.

Code Easy was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Code Easy - Code Easy helps the user enter some basic functions and execute the code, in the attempt to teach VB.NET programming to beginners.Code Easy - Code Easy enables you to enter the function arguments and automatically generates the code.Code Easy - Code Easy can execute the code, displaying the results in a separate window.Code Easy - screenshot #4