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Improve your applications with this Java framework that allows you to employ advanced annotations for partially implemented specifications





Java applications are common today, as the programming environment offers both power and versatility.

As such, multiple auxiliary tools have been developed to assist software engineers in building original applications.

Concordion is one such toolkit, allowing developers to write specifications, as opposed to standard scripts, thus significantly increasing the flexibility of the output application.

All specifications are written in HTML, which makes them very accessible to both veteran and new developers.

The code thus created can be inserted at any level of the development stage, from the unit to the sub-system and even system levels.

What's more, the extensions API module allows users to customize their builds by adding functionality and power.

In this manner, one can implement new commands, as well as modify the output of Concordion.

A significant departure from the classic, code-cluttered interface of most development toolkits, is the normal, HTML-based syntax employed by the program.

This improves readability, but also allows software engineers to make full use of specific functions, such as the ability to employ hyperlinks and images, thus making output projects more practical.

However, the real power behind the program is the ability to combine the previously mentioned setup with powerful fixture code written in Java.

Support for Java Beans is also available, thus significantly streamlining users' experience.

More-so, the utility comes with several samples, executed as standalone JUnit tests and ready to be inserted in an existing project build.

For all other needs or queries, adequate examples can be found online, complete with informative snippets, written both in Java and in HTML, highlighting the synergy between the two programming environments.
Last updated on July 30th, 2015