Dependometer 1.2.5

Static analysis of physical dependencies within a software system
Dependometer will perform static analysis of physical dependencies within a software system. Dependometer validates dependencies against the logical architecture structuring the system into classes, packages, subsystems, vertical slices and layers and detects cycles between these structural elements. Furthermore, it calculates a number of quality metrics on the different abstraction layers and reports any violations against the configured thresholds.

Main features:

  • Use a logical architecture description in terms of layers and subsystems and their physical mapping (n Packages implement a Subsystem) and check logical architecture violations.
  • Analyze the dependency architecture between layers, subsystems, resulting vertical-slices, packages, compilation-units (java files) and types (classes and interfaces)
  • Analyze cycles between elements
  • Calculate a bunch of metrics for all elements - this includes metrics from John Lakos, Robert C. Martin and Craig Larman.
  • Define thresholds and receive feedback upon their violation
  • Simulate via simple refactoring definitions and cutting unwanted dependencies changes to the physical structure possibly enhancing refactoring.
  • Create a complete HTML presentation. This provides browsing capabilities from layer (logical element) to compilation-unit (physical element) for a discussion which physical elements cause the logical architecture to break.

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March 10th, 2014, 2:09 GMT
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Carsten Kaiser
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