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You can use this advanced tool to create device configurations for CY8CMBR2110 Cypress devices, with the possibility of production line testing

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EZ-Click is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software designed to function as a customization application with the help of which you can create configuration files for CY8CMBR2110 Cypress devices with a minimal amount of effort for you.

Following an uneventful installation process, the utility creates a desktop shortcut which you can use to launch it. It features a simple, tabbed interface that allows you to easily move from one section to the other and perform the required adjustments.

The main window of EZ-Click lets you view existing projects or create new ones, prompting you to store them wherever you want under a preferred name. From the 'Main Console', you can select the device you wish to work with and connect or disconnect from a specific port.

The 'Device Config' section of EZ-Click enables you to select the number of buttons you intend to use, ranging from 1 to 10. You can assign the 'CapSense Pins' manually or you can opt for an automatic allotment. Additionally, you can check the 'Flanking Sensor Supression' or the 'Toggle (Touch ON / OFF)' options for each button.

You have the possibility of setting the 'Noise Immunity Level' as 'Normal' or 'High', while the 'Host Controlled GPOs' can be either 'Low' or 'High'. You can optimize the project for 'Response Time' or for 'Power Consumption'. The 'Buzzer Configuration' lets you choose the preferred 'Buzzer Type', the 'Frequency' and other details.

Moreover, in the 'Visual Config' tab, you can customize the 'LED Configuration', including the 'Standby Mode LED Brightness' and the 'Period'. The 'LED Effects' can be adjusted 'At Power On' and 'On Button Touch'.

In the 'Production Line Testing' you can choose the 'Minimum SNR' and click on the 'Start Test' button to view the 'Status' and 'System Diagnostics' values. The entire project can be saved for later reuse or analysis.

To conclude, EZ-Click is an efficient customizer tool that enables you to create multiple configuration files for your CY8CMBR2110 Cypress devices, that you can adjust and test to ensure their proper functioning.

EZ-Click was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 21st, 2014
EZ-Click - The main window of EZ-Click displays the existing projects and allows you to create new onesEZ-Click - The Main Console tab enables you to choose the Cypress device you want to work withEZ-Click - From the Device Config tab, you can select the number of buttons and assign them manually or automaticallyEZ-ClickEZ-ClickEZ-Click