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A complex and reliable software solution created to function as an ORM instrument for Delphi developers who wish to enhance their apps






EntityDAC is an advanced and reliable development tool that aims to provide Delphi programmers with an Object Relational Mapping component, also offering support for Language Integrated Query.

ORM is a programming method that works by converting data between incompatible systems in object-oriented languages, whereas LINQ is a component that adds native query capabilities to .NET Framework languages.

The utility’s main goal is to offer programmers a framework which can map database tables, using polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance and many other techniques, to Delphi classes.

EntityDAC supports three different types of model development, allowing users to pick whichever best meets their requirements, for instance ‘Database First’, ‘Model First’ or ‘Code First’, each option going through a series of distinct steps.

Moreover, the software comes with Entity Developer, a powerful application that can assist users in the creation and editing operations of their ORM models; in addition, it is able to generate Delphi entity classes out of the input model.

Using LINQ as a database query instrument, EntityDAC significantly eases the code writing process, also due to the Code Completion Delphi engine that comes into action when users type class names or attributes, keywords and other similar items.

As a result of using ORM when mapping tables to Delphi classes, EntityDAC is capable of supporting the creation of new applications while also allowing for the integration of ORM into priorily developed projects.

While EntityDAC is mainly addressed at experienced individuals, with a solid background knowledge into the field of software development, it does come with an extensive help documentation to assist both the advanced and the beginners in their endeavors.
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
EntityDAC - The dedicated window of EntityDAC allows you to connect to the provider of your choiceEntityDAC - In the New Model window, you can create a preferred entities model by firstly entering its nameEntityDAC - The Create Model Wizard window enables you to decide how your model  should be createdEntityDAC - screenshot #4EntityDAC - screenshot #5EntityDAC - screenshot #6EntityDAC - screenshot #7EntityDAC - screenshot #8EntityDAC - screenshot #9EntityDAC - screenshot #10