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A fully featured sound designer authoring tool specially intended for users who need to create complex compositions and adjust music transitions

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FMOD Designer is a comprehensive utility that aims to create complex and professional audio events for playback.

Its main purpose is to help you to create multitrack sound effects and interactive music, as well as to design an immersive auditory environment with no programming skills required.

The interface of the application is made from a regular window with a user-friendly and intuitive structure, where all the tools are displayed in the upper part of the screen. Thus, you can get maximum efficiency by easily navigating between events, categories and sound effects.

The layering screen of FMOD Designer allows you to create complex audio models, which can be totally controlled by the programmer. You can adjust each theme and configure all the layers within minutes.

Although FMOD Designer was designed to make the creation of audio effects much easier, you can control both the sound and the behavior of sound within a game title. Also, you have the possibility to model real world sounds by adjusting the DSP effects and the crossfading parameters.

Indeed, even if its main window is not rough and provides you with basic options so you can't get stuck in menus and submenus, at the first sight, it can be hard to understand all its features and settings. Thanks to its embedded documentation, you can start creating and adjusting audio effects from simple to complex.

The previously mentioned utility provides you with several layer effects which can be controlled via a graphical line interface with nodes attached, so you can tweak the properties of multiple sound effects at once. Furthermore, you have the possibility to create realistic reverbs for your game environments, design stunning music that responds dynamically to various events and create complex layered sound effects like car engines, weapons and crowd simulations.

In addition, by using FMOD Designer you can create complex compositions with branching structures and adjust music transitions, which can be as subtle as the fall of a needle or as a dramatic as the sound of a drum base.

FMOD Designer was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 16th, 2014
FMOD Designer - The application allows you to create multitrack sound effects, interactive music and other audio files.FMOD Designer - By accessing the Music section, you can create themed cues that play your custom sounds.FMOD Designer - From the File menu, you can merge projects and templates, or save your current workspace.FMOD Designer - screenshot #4FMOD Designer - screenshot #5FMOD Designer - screenshot #6FMOD Designer - screenshot #7FMOD Designer - screenshot #8FMOD Designer - screenshot #9FMOD Designer - screenshot #10