GPAC 0.5.0

Multimedia framework for your use
GPAC is designed to be an Open Source, cross-platform multimedia framework that is oriented towards rich media.

GPAC supports many multimedia formats, from simple audiovisual containers (avi, mov, mpg) to complex  presentation formats (MPEG-4 Systems, SVG Tiny 1.2, VRML/X3D).

GPAC supports scripting of presentation for MPEG4/VRML/X3D through Mozilla SpiderMonkey javascript engine.

GPAC currently supports local playback, http download and play and RTP/RTSP streaming over UDP (unicast or multicast) or TCP. GPAC also features MP4Box, a multimedia swiss-army knife for the prompt.

Main features:

  • Packaging Multimedia Content:
  • GPAC features encoders and multiplexers, publishing and content distribution tools for MP4 and 3GPP or 3GPP2 files and many tools for scene descriptions (BIFS/VRML/X3D converters, SWF/BIFS, SVG/BIFS, etc…). MP4Box provides all these tools in a single command-line application. An exhaustive list of packaging features is available here but a good summary of what MP4Box can do for you is the following:
  • MP4/3GP Conversion from MP3, AVI, MEPG-2 TS, MPEG-PS, AAC, H263, H264, AMR, and many others,
  • 3GPP DIMS Packaging from SVG files,
  • File layout: fragmentation or interleaving, and cleaning,
  • File hinting for RTP/RTSP and QTSS/DSS servers (MPEG-4 / ISMA / 3GP / 3GP2 files),
  • File splitting by size or time, extraction from file and file concatenation,
  • XML information dumping for MP4 and RTP hint tracks,
  • Media Track extractions,
  • ISMA E&A encryption and decryption,
  • 3GPP timed text tools (SUB/SRT/TTXT/TeXML), VobSub import/export,
  • BIFS codec and scene conversion between MP4, BT and XMT-A,
  • LASeR codec and scene conversion between MP4, SAF, SVG and XSR (XML LASeR),
  • XML scene statistics for BIFS scene (BT, XMT-A and MP4),
  • Conversion to and from BT, XMT-A, WRL, X3D and X3DV with support for gzip.
  • Playing Multimedia Content:
  • GPAC supports many protocols and standards, among which:
  • BIFS scenes (2D, 3D and mixed 2D/3D scenes),
  • VRML 2.0 (VRML97) scenes (without GEO or NURBS extensions),
  • X3D scenes (not complete) in X3D (XML) and X3DV (VRML) formats,
  • SVG Tiny 1.2 scenes (including packaged in 3GP DIMS files),
  • LASeR and SAF (partial) support,
  • Progressive loading/rendering of SVG, X3D and XMT files,
  • HTTP reading of all scene descriptions,
  • GZIP supported for all textual formats of MPEG4/X3D/VRML/SVG,
  • MP4 and 3GPP file reading (local & http),
  • MP3 and AAC files (local & http) and HTTP streaming (ShoutCast/ICECast radios),
  • Most common media codecs for image, audio and video,
  • Most common media containers,
  • 3GPP Timed Text / MPEG-4 Streaming Text,
  • MPEG-2 TS demuxer (local/UDP/RTP) with DVB support (Linux only),
  • Streaming support through RTP/RTCP (unicast and multicast) and RTSP/SDP,
  • Plugins for Mozilla (Win32 and Linux) and Internet EXplorer (Win32 and PPC 2003).
  • Streaming Multimedia Content:
  • As of version 0.4.4, GPAC has some experimental server-side tools:
  • MP4/3GP file RTP streamer (unicast and multicast),
  • RTP streamer with service timeslicing (DVB-H) simulation,
  • MPEG-2 TS broadcaster using MP4/3GP files or RTP streams as inputs,
  • BIFS RTP broadcaster tool performing live encoding and RandomAccessPoints generation.

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