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An advanced piece of software designed for programmers in order to provide them with the means of analyzing and comparing coding files

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GTalkabout is an intuitive and reliable application created to provide software developers with the means to collaborate when creating their code, enabling them to compare older and newer files, and determine the differences as well as revise it, if needed.

Advantages in working with portable tools

Following the download process, users can simply unzip the archive and run the executable right away, as the utility does not require installation in order to function properly.

As such, users can easily carry GTalkabout with them on a USB stick or other similar storage devices, using it on the go, at the office or at home, without having to setup anything about it.

Advanced and functional interface

The start screen of the program displays the ‘Recent Configures’, while also allowing users to create a ‘New Configure’ from a ‘3rd Party Open source’, a ‘Team Development’ or ‘My Local Project’, specifying the ‘WorkPath’ and several other details.

The tool is fairly complex, so users with limited experience might find themselves having a hard time figuring out the right steps to take in order to work with GTalkabout, but fortunately it comes with a fairly comprehensive ‘Help’ documentation to guide them along.

Loading the work files and analyzing their contents

After loading the file they wish to work with, users can start recording various messages (images, text,screenshots, links) which will be preserved and assigned a time-stamp, allowing other people working with the same file in the future to read them and perform the necessary changes where needed.

At the same time, GTalkabout enables users to ‘Commit’ changes to the repository, along with a ‘Revision Message’ to inform co-workers of all relevant actions. Moreover, the program lets developers load older or newer files from the same project and compare them to discover the differences, highlighting them one by one.

Reliable revision control instrument

All in all, GTalkabout is a complex and efficient piece of software aimed at programmers who work in teams and require constant collaboration, revision history and other information concerning what their colleagues have done.

GTalkabout was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
GTalkabout - The main window of GTalkabout lists the most recent files you have worked with, or you can start a new oneGTalkabout - After opening the file you want to work with, you can browse through its contents and search for various itemsGTalkabout - The File menu enables you to load an additional file you want to compare the current one withGTalkabout - screenshot #4GTalkabout - screenshot #5GTalkabout - screenshot #6GTalkabout - screenshot #7