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ISO 10303 STEP File (stp) viewer for CAD/PDM/PLM including 3D and PCB/PCA; also encloses an editor for PDF data and a smart import / export wizard

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IDA-STEP is a revolutionary modular software designed to view and edit STEP files, including 2D / 3D models, PCB/PCA, as well as PDM and other such data.

IDA-STEP aims to cover many aspects of industrial product modeling, with a stress on 3D viewing and PCB editing, easing the manufacturing process considerably. In this respect, it provides users with a suite of components that can contribute to a more convenient analysis of CAD data.

Professional-oriented app and simple interface

Needless to say, IDA-STEP is aimed at industry companies, at CAD specialists and printed board designers, lowering the efforts that were once necessary to carry out a PCB assessment process. As a consequence, efficiency will increase, thus leading to a boost in productivity.

The infrastructure that IDA-STEP relies on is based on Java and Eclipse and consists of a framework, a viewer (both Basic and 3D), as well as a complex STEP Editor. Having been built using Eclipse, the user interface is not colorful or impressive; however, the rather dull appearance is heavily compensated by its functions.

Use a built-in viewer, create PDM data and a modular built

The STEP data may be imported using a dedicated wizard and consequently, exported via a similar module upon the completion of the PCB model. The viewer can be used to inspect everything that’s present inside a design, including layers and symbols.

For a more enhanced and in-perspective visualization of the models, you can use the 3D viewer component. Furthermore, with the aid of the built-in editor, you can create PDM data, as well as to edit layer stacks.

Everything stated above is possible due to its modular approach. The infrastructure it was built on makes it appropriate for various industries, including electronics, automotive, mechanics and electrical networks.

Conclusion and performance

The system’s performance might be burdened from time to time, yet this is to be expected when considering the complexity of the program. The interface is intuitive, the response time is good, and we did not come across any errors or crashes in our tests.

All things considered, IDA-STEP is an efficient piece of software which bundles a long list of options and tools.

IDA-STEP was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
IDA-STEP - IDA-STEP will provide users with a ISO 10303 STEP File (STP) viewer for CAD/PDM/PLM including 3D and PCB/PCAIDA-STEP - The Display Settings tab section will help you quickly and easily set up the basic settings as well as PCA / PCB colorsIDA-STEP - Users will be able to access option such as Parts 3D, PCB / PCA, PCB Layer Stack / Library or Tasks within the Open Perspective sub-menu of WindowIDA-STEP - screenshot #4IDA-STEP - screenshot #5IDA-STEP - screenshot #6IDA-STEP - screenshot #7IDA-STEP - screenshot #8IDA-STEP - screenshot #9IDA-STEP - screenshot #10

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