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Wrap JAR files into binary EXEs for Windows and Linux

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Jar2Exe is a small and portable software solution that allows users to wrap Java-based applications into Windows executable files. It operates on both Windows and Linux.

The user interface is straightforward and you should get used to working with this program pretty quickly. It provides two separate windows for the conversion process: the first one allows users to upload JAR files into the list and convert them to EXE format on the go, while the second offers many configuration settings.

The developer designed this app to create Windows executable files from Java applications by going through six steps. You are allowed to browse for JAR files or classes directory, select a minimum and maximum required Java version and to pick the target system (Windows and Linux). Furthermore, you may select what type of EXE file should be generated and attach one or more JAR files to the list. Changing the EXE filename is particularly simple.

It is also possible to encrypt and hide the Java program into the generated EXE files.

There are several configuration settings to tinker with. For example, you can change JVM and JRE parameters pretty easily.

To sum up, Jar2Exe is a handy tool that can help you convert JAR files to EXE format with minimum effort. It surely appeals to beginners, thanks to its practical approach with the six steps guidance. More experienced users may find it pretty inconvenient to go through each step every time they start a new process. Overall, it does what it says and it’s also light on your system resources.

Portable Jar to Exe was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
Portable Jar to Exe - The main window of Jar to Exe allows you to choose the source file and select the target systemPortable Jar to Exe - Users have the possibility to specify the type of application they want to generate after converting the JAR to EXEPortable Jar to Exe - Jar to Exe requires users to select the main Java class they want to use, as well as the picture used for the splash windowPortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to ExePortable Jar to Exe