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A simple and effective WYSIWYG Java interface builder whose main purpose is to help developers to generate Java scripts based on the selected components and created layouts

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Specially designed for Java developers, Java GUI Builder aims to create user interfaces by simply dragging and dropping AWT and SWING components such as labels and text boxes.

Because it comes with a simple and intuitive interface, the application can be used by both professionals and beginners.

By using this application, you have the possibility to quickly build applets and frames. Simply define a custom layout in order to arrange all the components in the main window.

Although no programming skills or code scripts are required, Java GUI Builder manages to build complex and professional JApplet or JFrame classes.

The main window is sectioned by three panels one being able to access all the components and view the generated layout. Also, you are able to customize the properties for each selected component by specifying its name and value, as well as to selecting its type.

The Components section displays all the presented objects in the main window. Thus, if you want to navigate to a specific component, you can easily choose the one from the shown list and edit its properties.

After personalizing the layout the way you want and organizing all the components you are interested in, easily save your file then view the generated results. This way, you can insert the scripts into your Java application effortlessly without writing endless scripts.

All things considered, Java GUI Builder proves to be a reliable application although it does not come with a modern interface as we expected. It enables you to quickly generate Java scripts based on the interface you created and easily insert the codes into your application form.

Java GUI Builder was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on November 8th, 2013
Java GUI Builder - From the main window of Java GUI Builder you can easily make use of all the tools that the application provides, without writing any code.Java GUI Builder - The Insert menu of Java GUI Builder gives you the ability to use AWT and Swing components that otherwise you would need to import them when writing the code.Java GUI Builder - From the Build menu of Java GUI Builder you have the ability to run the application a various types.

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