Logicator for PIC and PICAXE

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A handy utility that was especially designed to provide users with a means of generating graphical flowcharts for programming PICAXE chips

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Creating programs for specific chipsets is a task for the specialists who have the knowledge and the necessary tools to get the job done properly. Nonetheless, there are some software solutions suited for broader audiences, which include regular users and can target in particular those studying a certain discipline.

For instance, anyone interested in learning how to write all sorts of programs for controlling PICAXE chips and the devices they are integrated in, a utility like Logicator for PIC and PICAXE could be the right choice.

This application has a plain and simple interface that provides quick access to all the functions and allows users to put together flowsheets in no time. Much like a visual programming environment, Logicator for PIC and PICAXE relies on adding components and creating connections using a set of tools that seem better suited for drawing.

Writing code is not necessary when using this program, as all the elements that can be integrated in the project are available from the 'Command List'. This area includes several categories of items, like variables, procedures, sound output, serial and other in/out.

The editing options consist of a couple of row and column commands, besides the usual actions that can be found inside any editor. There are many panels that can be made visible from the dedicated menu, while the simulation functions are well represented also.

A neat thing about Logicator for PIC and PICAXE is the fact that it comes equipped with many examples, so anyone can load a sample program to see who it works and use it as a starting point for another project.

To sum things up, this application is certainly among the best tools of its kind and will certainly fit the needs of all users who want to understand and get involved in PICAXE chip programming.

Logicator for PIC and PICAXE was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
Logicator for PIC and PICAXE - This is the main window of Logicator for PIC and PICAXE, where you can view the opened flowchart.Logicator for PIC and PICAXE - The View menu enables users to open several panels: the digital or the analogue panels or the time panel.Logicator for PIC and PICAXE - From this menu, you will be able to open a new simulation or setup a new connection.Logicator for PIC and PICAXE - screenshot #4Logicator for PIC and PICAXE - screenshot #5