MicroJava Tools

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A useful set of Java tools: assembler, bytecode editor and virtual machine





MicroJava Tools is a Java toolbox that features a virtual machine to run your applications, an assembler to assemble your code and a bytecode editor.

MicroJava Virtual Machine

The MicroJava Virtual Machine (MJVM) is a bytecode interpreter for MicroJava as specified in the MicroJava Specification (pdf document). In this implementation MJVM features GUI front-end and debug capabilities.

MicroJava Assembler

The MicroJava Assembler (MJAsm) is a simple assembler for the MicroJava Virtual Machine. The instruction set of the assembly language is given in the MicroJava Specification (pdf document) in section B.2.

Additionally, the assembler supports jump labels and two assembler directives: .ds and .org. The directive .ds specifies the size of the data memory while .org specifies the first instruction to run (mainPC).

MicroJava Bytecode Editor

The MicroJava Bytecode Editor (MJBCE) is an editor of the MicroJava Bytecode. The format of this bytecode is specified in the MicroJava Specification (pdf document) in section B.3. The editor supports opening files in multiple tabs and launching MJVM. Bytes are represented as numbers in the range 0-255.
Last updated on April 7th, 2012
MicroJava Tools - This is the main user interface of MicroJava Assembler where you can input your code for assembly.MicroJava Tools - The File menu allows users to create a new project, open an existing one or save the current progress as bytecode.MicroJava Tools - The Edit menu allows access to basic Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo and Select functions.MicroJava Tools - You can find or replace code chunks by accessing the application's Search menu.MicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava ToolsMicroJava Tools