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A powerful and easy to use application development tool that helps you seamlessly design initial software prototypes, known as mockups

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In order to develop an application, you cannot simply jump to coding and testing. First of all, it is considered good practice to sketch a prototype of your your program, also known as mockup, in order to create an initial project design.

Mockup Plus is a reliable software solution for programmers that adopt the Agile development method, as it offers them a stable environment for creating mockups of their application projects. In order to properly function, the application requires Adobe AIR installed on your computer.

Reliable prototype development environment that offers an elegant interface

The application helps you design and save the initial prototype of the program you wish to develop. This allows you to get a glimpse of the early mockup of your project, that can be used as the baseline of your application.

Because the program offers multiple built-in sketch-like components, you have varied options when designing mockups. Furthermore, the application contains predesigned elements that resemble iOS, Android or PC programs, so you can create sketches for mobile devices.

Advanced object options and sturdy free-form designing tools

Mockup Plus gives you the possibility to add comments and annotations on each element of your mockup. This has a multitude of uses, as most applications are developed by a team.

For example, a software development team that uses the Agile method is split on certain departments. The department responsible with application design can create an early mockup of a project, complete with annotations, after which it sends the prototype to the coding department. The programmers will have a clear view of the intended purpose for each element, once they inspect the mockup.

A powerful software prototype developing environment with user-friendly interface

Mockup Plus allows you to seamlessly create an initial mockup of your software projects, whilst offering a rich variety of built-in objects that can ease off your work.

Mockup Plus was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 27th, 2014
Mockup Plus - Mockup Plus helps users, especially programmers design application prototypes for Agile development.Mockup Plus - Reviews or notes can be added to each created mockup in order to receive feedback and improvement ideas.Mockup Plus - From the Mockup Plus menu, you can change the predefined keyboard shortcuts so that you are able to work faster.Mockup PlusMockup Plus