Model C1D0U252 X12 Parser

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Create a CSV file from an 837 claims or 835 remittance file






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The X12 Parser allows you to convert X12 837 claims or 835 remittance files into a CSV,XML or DBF files.

It is designed to be used either on the desktop or can be called from another application to convert an X12 file. It can be set to convert all the files in a specified folder.
The X12 Parser can create and populate an SQL table via ODBC and you can run the Parser from another application without user intervention. Informational Report Data is displayed in context sensitive screens relative to their transaction set.

This model is able to support the following: 837 Health Care Claim, 277 Claim Status, 835 Remittance Advice, 864 Information Report and 997 Functional Acknowledgement.
Last updated on January 16th, 2015
Model C1D0U252 X12 Parser