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Edit your HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL databases, add new entries and delete existing ones with this simple Java-based application

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Working with databases is no easy task and experience is required to manage entries and connections or running queries. Aiming to provide an easier way to explore the contents of a database and modify entries, MyJSQLView deploys a Java-based package that serves both experts and novices who are still learning about database management.

Connect to your database to see and edit records

The array of supported databases is not disappointing at all, as it comprises some of the most used servers, namely MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, HSQL, H2, PostgreSQL, Derby, Access, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQLite.

The login manager enables you to configure new connections to your databases. Some require your computer to be equipped with special JDBC drivers that allow MyJSQLView to read the content of the target database. For instance, MySQL Connector/J is needed to access the MySQL server and load a database there.

Edit databases, build queries, and conveniently export data

To set up a new connection, you must specify the host, database name, user credentials, the protocols to use, and the port number. MyJSQLView can protect data transfers via SSH, provided the server supports this protocol.

Once connected, you can explore the tables and records inside your database, make modifications by deleting or adding entries, sort and filter data, perform searches, print the tables or save them as a picture on your computer. Exporting options are also available, with support for CSV or PDF. You can also export entire tables or databases, as well as the database schema.

Thanks to the integrated visual query builder, it is easy to work with individual tables and define criteria to run SQL queries. More experienced users can view and edit the SQL syntax of the query.

A cross-platform, open-source tool for all database administrators

MyJSQLView features many useful tools that serve database administrators, from simply exploring the content of a database to running queries or viewing statistical data about the records (such as repeating frequency, patterns, distribution charts, and so on) or performing cluster analysis. Furthermore, its functionality can be extended by using plugins.

A big plus is that no installation is required. Therefore, you can launch it directly from a USB drive on a Java-enabled host and connect to any database in a matter of minutes. And since it runs in Java, it can be accessed on any platform, without having to work with a cluttered web-based frontend.

MyJSQLView was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
MyJSQLView - MyJSQLView enables you to connect to various types of databases to edit and browse their content.MyJSQLView - MyJSQLView provides support for a variety of databases that you can connect to and edit.MyJSQLView - MyJSQLView enables you to explore the content of your database and add new entries in a specific table.MyJSQLView - MyJSQLView features a heat mapper plugin, which allows quick plotting of a multi-variable map.MyJSQLView - screenshot #5MyJSQLView - screenshot #6MyJSQLView - screenshot #7MyJSQLView - screenshot #8MyJSQLView - screenshot #9