OOJNI Add-in .NET (C#) for VS2005/2008

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Object-Oriented JNI Add-In is a tool developed for MS Visual Studio 2005. It generates C# code (OOJNI classes) for java byte code (SUN/IBM/MS JDK1.1.x, JDK1.3.x and later) selected and includes it into the active project. It also makes JNI implementation of Java class native methods. At the same time OOJNI Add-In makes all project setting for using, compiling and running the code generated.

The developer will make use of OOJNI as regular C# classes. Each OOJNI class wraps low-level JNI code to accesses to Java Class fields and methods. All data type conversions are hidden from Developer. Each java object reference encapsulated into special OOJNI class Java Reference Wrapper, which makes a shallow copy of the java object reference in different OOJNI classes. This approach makes possible to reduce a number of java references used in JNI code.
Last updated on March 25th, 2009
OOJNI Add-in .NET (C#) for VS2005/2008