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A lightweight and user-friendly software solution whose main purpose is to help you launch a PHP application script just by double-clicking it






PHP-EXE is a simple and intuitive application created to function as a simple PHP script runner, allowing developers to launch their PHP-GTK programs, as they would with any other binary on their computer.

As a result, the utility spares users from having to resort to command line arguments in order to run their apps, making them easier to test and ultimately work with, since they can be launched as any regular Windows software.

PHP-EXE does not require any form of installation, because in order to benefit from its functions, users just need to place it in their PHP application’s folder, then rename it to match the name of their program.

Afterward, they can just double-click it in order to launch it and the tool will firstly check if the PHP-GTK executable exists on the host system, otherwise displaying an error message to inform the developer of its inability to find the ‘php-win.exe’, thus enabling them to take the necessary measures in order to fix the problem.

Moreover, PHP-EXE will also verify the existence of the PHP-GTK script, this too causing the display of an error dialog, if it happens not to be found, allowing programmers to deal with the cause of the message before proceeding.

Due to the very simple usage of PHP-EXE, it is fairly uncommon for users to encounter any difficulties in working with it. Consequently, it can easily be used to run a wide range of PHP application scripts just by double clicking them, without the need for CMD.
Last updated on December 22nd, 2008
PHP-EXE - To use PHP-EXE, you need to place the executable inside the folder of your application