Polystyle 4.0j

A small-sized and handy piece of software that allows you to format source codes for programming languages such as HTML, PHP, ASP, C++, Java, JSP or C#

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What's new in Polystyle 4.0f:

  • Now you can format the clipboard contents in place using the Config Tool. PolystyleRunner.exe no longer used, just use Polystyle.exe on the command line
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Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - The main window of Polystyle allows you to format Actionscript, ASP, Java, CMAC, C and C sharp source codesPolystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - Polystyle can be configured globally, so settings like page and tab width could be applied on different types of source-codesPolystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - You can run Polystyle from the configuration tool, Windows Explorer or the command linePolystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]Polystyle [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!]
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Polystyle is a small-sized, yet powerful software utility that beautifies your source code by learning your personal programming style from code examples.

You may use several methods to define your coding style by using the Graphical Styler, which helps you create example files or by simply writing code in a text document. Once you have chosen the most convenient method from the two mentioned above, you may proceed formatting your files by running Polystyle from the Config Tool, Windows Explorer or the Command Line.

Beautify and organize styles using the Graphical Styler

Using only your mouse, you can define your coding style while being able to preview changes to the code as they are made.
Even though the Graphic Styler is easier to use than manually editing example files, it comes with a trade off. When you edit examples by typing code lines, you are the styler, so you decide where to put a bracket, a comment or where to place a command. Using this method can lead to an inconsistent example file if you are not consequent to the changes you make. Whereas, Graphic Styler is safer and creates consistent example files, but it is limited by the number of styles it lets you use.

Protect your code against hackers

You can conceal the purpose of your code by using the program's built-in obfuscator. The obfuscator removes as many newlines as it can, and converts each variable and function into unintelligible code lines, making the code impossible to be reversed engineered by other people.

Once you have formatted your source code, you can save it as a ZIP archive to your hard drive.

In conclusion

Polystyle is a powerful program that comes packed with essential features that help you format and protect your Java, Actionscript, HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, Pearl or C++ source codes.

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