Programmers Calculator

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A lightweight application created to help users calculate different base conversions and encrypt text strings using different algorithms





Programmers Calculator is a handy and user-friendly tool that helps all users, usually programmers, compute and calculate different encryption algorithms.

Programmers Calculator can be used to convert text to and from Base64 encoding, it can also be used to convert text to binary, generate MD5, SHA1, SHA256 hash values of both text and files and several other useful functions that programmers are in need of during the course of their work.
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
Programmers Calculator - Programmers Calculator allows users to compute text strings using different encryption methods.Programmers Calculator - The Base Conversion window can be accessed when users want to compute numbers to different bases, such as binary, octal and HEX.Programmers Calculator - Users can access the String Encoding window when they need to convert text strings to Base64 streams.Programmers Calculator - screenshot #4Programmers Calculator - screenshot #5Programmers Calculator - screenshot #6Programmers Calculator - screenshot #7Programmers Calculator - screenshot #8