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A software utility that can be used to create professional-looking UML projects, complete with a variety of diagrams and a large selection of models

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The Universal Machine Language was devised in order to provide programmers world wide with a standard way of conveying software development information, in the form of graphical representations. Hence, using diagrams and various model types, you can showcase and explain the development cycle of your applications before the actual code is written.

Create comprehensive UML diagrams

SINVAS-U Community Edition is a software utility that encompasses all the tools you might need in order to quickly create UML diagrams to build a base for your software projects, including support for MDA and MDD architectures and various simulation capabilities. In addition, it also contains a wide array of graphical elements to represent the different types of diagrams and objects found in a UML schema.

Hence, in order to start creating a project, you need to add the components that comprise your product and its development cycle, including class, sequence and activity diagrams, as well as a wide array of models and packages to represent functionality in your application. Furthermore, all of this information is relayed through the Design tab, which provides you with a graphic view of the entire project.

Use templates to design your software

In case you do not want to take it from scratch and your program happens to respect a certain type of architecture, you can make use of the already provided templates, which can be used as a starting point for your projects. Among the available options, you can find the 4+1 View, Rational and UMLComponents models.

Moreover, the application also provides you with requirement analysis, which can be conducted on the projects, in order to assess their quality and performance. Additionally, you can also make use of the MDD-based development opportunities and the integrated simulation capabilities, as well as take advantage of the DSL implementation and the provided testing scenario management options.

A fully-featured UML diagram creator

In the end, SINVAS-U Community Edition manages to bundle almost everything you might need in order to manage the entire life cycle of your software development projects, complete with testing scenarios, simulations, analysis and a wide array of built in diagrams and objects.

SINVAS-U Community Edition was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
SINVAS-U Community Edition - You can add the desired class diagrams and arrange them into the main window of the application.SINVAS-U Community Edition - The File menu allows you to save the current project, as well as export the diagram to your computer.SINVAS-U Community Edition - You can delete models and find items throughout the diagram by accessing the Edit menu.SINVAS-U Community EditionSINVAS-U Community EditionSINVAS-U Community EditionSINVAS-U Community EditionSINVAS-U Community Edition