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BASIC language interpreter that bundles a code editor with syntax highlighting, line numbering and other features that ease the work of programmers

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SmallBASIC is a powerful interpreter for the BASIC, deploying all the tools, components and libraries needed to work with this programming language. Specifically designed to leave a small footprint on the host system, its engine can run with a minimum amount of resources.

Runtime and full package with included IDE

SmallBASIC comes in two separate editions: a runtime only installer and an all-in-one package that integrates libraries, functions and commands, alongside a built-in IDE. The runtime package only enables you to browse files and launch BASIC scripts, also deploying a set of samples you can work with.

The other version bundles a plethora of examples to show you how the interpreter works, as well as tests and an IDE you can load BAS files in to check the code.

Integrated editor to manage BAS files

The SmallBASIC IDE comes with an intuitive tab-based interface that enables you to work with more than one file at a time.

The editor delivers all the additional features any developer would expect from a code editor, namely line numbering, syntax highlighting, indentation and comment support, as well as font formatting capabilities. Additionally, it features navigation and search options and unlimited undo to help you easily correct mistakes.

A good tool for mathematicians and aspiring programmers

SmallBASIC can help you build scripts and perform everyday calculations, including all kinds of mathematical functions, from simple algebra operations to trigonometric ones. Therefore, it can also be used by mathematicians who want to use BASIC to parse expressions and solve problems.

SmallBASIC can execute BAS scripts without having to compile them beforehand. And since BASIC the language itself is designed for beginners, the interpreter is the tool to go if you are taking your first steps in programming.

SmallBASIC was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
SmallBASIC - The main window of SmallBASIC enables you to start writing your code.SmallBASIC - The Edit menu will allow you to change the case or to expand a word.SmallBASIC - To customize the text size or color you will use the View menu.SmallBASIC - The Program menu will enable you to run a selection or the whole program.SmallBASIC - screenshot #5