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A small, yet useful application that enables you to manage and organize your code snippets and share them with others via PasteBin

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Snippets Manager offers programmers a way to organize and manage their code snippets from a user-friendly interface, allowing them to have important code pieces within reach at any time.

Providing support for various programming languages (PHP, HTML, VB.NET, C# and SQL), this application can be used for writing and storing code chunks, having them at hand for routine operations.

Snippets Manager can scan a user-defined local folder for available snippets, but you can also manually add new ones to the database. The built-in code editor features line numbering and can group codes in different categories (full code, snip, function, class, JavaScript, design, Regex, fun).

All the snippets are displayed in an organized table, along with their size and the last modification date. Using the right-click menu, you can rename, delete or export a record to TXT format.

One interesting feature that it brings is the possibility to batch upload code snippets to PasteBin, which helps you share them with others much easier.

Code pieces can be uploaded using an impressive range of syntax types, from common languages such as C++, HTML, Java, AutoIt, JavaScript, PHP to less popular ones (Verilog, Lisp etc.). Snippets can be encrypted or not during the uploading process. You can set the expiry date and make the link public or private.

Snippets Manager is intended for any programmer, regardless of their experience, assisting them in creating a complete database of code snippets. Thanks to its search function, you can quickly find the code piece you need, while the integrated PasteBin uploader helps you share snippets with others.

Snippets Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Snippets Manager - Snippets Manager is a tool that enables you to manage all your code snippets from a single place.Snippets Manager - You can use Snippets Manager to read the contents of a snippet and edit the code.Snippets Manager - The right-click menu allows you to export all the snippets, rename or delete them from the list.Snippets Manager - screenshot #4Snippets Manager - screenshot #5