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A handy and comprehensive application that helps social scientists analyze organizational models and determine their behavioral patterns

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Social scientists deal in models and behavior analysis of organizational contexts, in order to determine power relationships and collective actions within such groups. This requires a powerful tool that can collect such data and analyze the relations between the actors that take part in an organizational model.

SocLab is an intuitive piece of software that can help you in this matter. The program can store and log information about organizational models, using it to provide you with detailed analysis on the relations between the participating actors and the group actions performed. In order to function without errors, the application requires Java installed on your computer.

Intuitive tool for sociological studies

The program provides you with a stable environment for creating organizational models and study the relations and collective actions that occur between the actors involved. Each organizational context can be easily edited, as relations between actors are variable in time.

Additionally, you can analyze potential configurations of such a model and predict its characteristics, a useful feature for managing the distribution and placement of each actor in the organizational model.

Handy sociological analysis utility

SocLab can help sociologists quickly determine certain behavioral patterns that occur between the actors of a certain organizational context, then determine if changing the position of a social actor might trigger a different, yet beneficial group relationship scheme.

Aside from this, you can simulate and analyze the regularization of social actors’ behaviors throughout the positions of your organizational models, then determine which changes in their structure would be optimal for each studied context.

Conclusive baselines

To sum it up, SocLab provides specialized support for sociologists and people who study social organizations. Although it has a user-friendly interface, the features offered could be a bit confusing for those who do not have basic knowledge of social studies.

SocLab was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
SocLab - SocLab helps you create organizational contexts and models, in order to analyze their behavioral and collective activities.SocLab - While in the File menu, you can create new organizational models or take a screenshot of the current project.SocLab - By accessing the Organization Model menu, you can open the model editor or change the initial parameters of a project.SocLabSocLabSocLabSocLab