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A simple and easy-to-use utility designed for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Studio that contains many themes which can be used for VB applications

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As its name clearly suggests, T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive is a repository of Visual Basic themes. However, its functionality goes beyond storing the visuals.

No installation required, organized interface

There is no need to go through the installation process in order to have access to the pool of themes and launching the program is done by just double-clicking the executable file.

Looks are simple and straightforward, with an easily accessible list of menus. The application provides access to more than 130 themes, each of them being previewed in a separate screen. They are organized alphabetically and can be saved to the disk, to any location.

Easy to work with

After selecting a theme the user has the possibility to inspect all the lines of its code and copy it to clipboard either in its entirety or just bits and pieces. Credit is given at the beginning of the code for the creator of the theme and theme base maker.

Theme bases are a particular important part of a theme and without them some themes don’t work properly and display a list of errors. There are multiple theme bases to choose from according to what a theme requires.

T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive also includes the possibility to convert theme bases to C#. The code is displayed and, just like in the case of the theme code, it can be selected and copied to clipboard.

The configuration panel of the application does not include too many settings but it makes available the possibility to enable word wrapping and line markers for the theme code.


T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive is simple and has real benefits for those that need a way to grab a theme without too much hassle. It is easy to use and shows previews of the theme as well as its code.

T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on January 25th, 2015
T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive - T3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive provides you with a useful collection of themesT3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive - After selecting the theme you are interested in, you can view its code so you can adjust itT3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive - You can navigate to the Theme Bases section if you want to select the selected baseT3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive - The application enables you to convert the selected theme to C# scripts within minutesT3 Visual Basic.NET Theme Archive - From the Settings window you have the possibility to minimize the application to system tray