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This utility is a full-featured and effective environment designed for automated testing of Windows, .NET, Java and web applications

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Software testing can be defined as a detailed investigation realized to provide developers with information about the quality and the performance of a specific product or service, while the automated testing is the execution of software testing with little or no human interaction.

Performing this automated tests you are able to easily understand and appreciate the risks of software implementation in your business and here is where TestComplete comes in handy.

TestComplete is a comprehensive and reliable software solution whose main purpose is to help users perform complex tests on various applications regardless of whether they were created in C#, .NET, Java or any other programming language.

Using this automated testing utility, you have the possibility to quickly create, maintain and perform stress and scalability tests for any desktop or client software.

Because TestComplete is mostly oriented to both functional and unit testings, it comes in handy for advanced and novice testers alike, providing them with an intuitive and practical interface.

What’s more, that utility comes with support for daily regression testings or any other types such as data-driven or object-driven testings, functional and GUI testings etc.

Speaking of the interface, the application comes with an organized set of panels, menus and toolbars. It provides you with an easy way to access your projects, displays a list of bookmarks from all units of your project suite, modifies a network suite’s variables and parameters, observes the execution of distributed tests and even analyzes the stack of function calls during the test execution.

After you get used with the main window, you can easily name your objects then perform debugging and running tests, handle errors or other operations during tests.

TestComplete provides you with two ways to address processes, windows and controls. The first way is to automatically assign names to your objects. The other way is to map application objects so you can customize their names.

Then, after setting the preferred parameters, you have the possibility to perform complex tests on your applications and run them on physical and virtual machines.

Using TestComplete you can create tests of different types such as keyword tests, unit tests and so on. You can even perform automated tests of your HTML5 content, including tags, web forms and associated CSS3 content, so you can validate the quality of your scripts.

To wrap it up, TestComplete proves to be a reliable and effective application that helps you to create automated tests and simulate users’ actions and behavior on any application from any development language.

TestComplete was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on August 1st, 2015
TestComplete - TestComplete will provide users with automated functional, unit, regression, manual, data-driven integrated package.TestComplete - TestComplete offers a comprehensive environment for app development and supports desktop, Web and mobile modes.TestComplete - TestComplete allows you to create scripts and integrate them in the application project, then assign them to functions.TestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestCompleteTestComplete

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