VMware vCenter Lab Manager

An application that can deliver faster software development and testing capabilities, courtesy of virtual lab automation features
VMware vCenter Lab Manager
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Accelerate Software Development and Testing with Virtual Lab Automation
Provision complex development and test environments in seconds, rather than days, with VMware Lab Manager.

You'll be able to shave man-months off software development cycles through rapid, automated setup and teardown of even the most complex multi-machine environments.

On-demand access to a shared library of complex system environments will give your developers and testers instant use of the resources they need, while leaving IT in administrative control.

You will also save money by pooling networking, storage, servers and other resources that can be shared across development and test teams.

Rapidly Set Up Multiple Test and Development Environments
Automate the setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine software configurations with VMware Lab Manager. Development and test teams can access them on-demand through a self-service portal. With its shared library and shared pool of virtualized servers, VMware Lab Manager lets you efficiently move and share multi-machine configurations across software development and test teams and facilities.

Provision any Environment with a Single Click of the Mouse
With the single click of your mouse, you can provision new machines nearly instantly with VMware Lab Manager. Eliminate the painstaking multi-hour process of gathering machines, installing operating systems, installing and configuring applications and establishing inter-machine connections. Now software developers and QA engineers can fulfill their own provisioning needs, leaving IT in control of user management, storage quotas and server deployment policies-achieving the best of both worlds.

Reduce Test Lab Capital and Operating Costs
Allocate resources on an as-needed basis instead of maintaining multiple static systems that are only used sporadically. VMware Lab Manager lets you pool and share resources between development and test teams for maximum utilization-and increased cost savings.

Capture and Reproduce Software Defects-Every Time
Quickly reproduce software defects and resolve them earlier in the software lifecycle-and ensure higher quality software and systems. VMware Lab Manager enables "closed loop" defect reporting and resolution through its unique ability to "snapshot" complex multi-machine configurations in an error state, capture them to the library, and make them available for sharing-and troubleshooting-across development and test teams.

Ensure Secure, Flexible Outsourcing
Give your outsourced partners secure, remote access to your software lab and maintain your flexibility to rapidly add, remove or replace outsourced resources as your needs change. Your intellectual property remains securely in Lab Manager's environment, and you eliminate time-consuming and costly replication of equipment in your partner's labs.

Main features:

  • Multi-Machine Configurations:
  • Create multi-machine configurations in seconds using machine templates - no limit on machine count, no manual adjustments
  • View configurations in use with thumbnail console views, public-private scoping and list filtering
  • Act on machines in a configuration as a unit: suspend, multi-snapshot, revert to, shutdown, turn on, turn off, suspend, reset, deploy, undeploy, clone, capture to library, and modify properties
  • Share templates and multi-machine configurations between users
  • Get LiveLink capability - URL-based sharing of captured live configurations - "send me a LiveLink"
  • Interact with all configuration consoles side-by-side on a single browser page
  • Set up machines in a configuration to boot in controlled sequence
  • Configuration Library:
  • Check out of configurations with memory and CPU state preserved nearly instantaneously
  • Enjoy simultaneous use of library configurations by multiple users without changing MAC and IP addresses or SID, using VMware's network fencing
  • Maximize library entries per storage server due to efficient storage compression algorithms
  • Control settings for public and private library entries
  • Set up public-private scoping and list filtering of library
  • Media Library:
  • Store all development and test media in a central repository
  • Tag media with descriptive attributes
  • Upload media from the browser or directly to the file share
  • Easily make media available to VMware-managed virtual machines
  • Implement public-private scoping and list filtering of library
  • Deployment:
  • Initiate deployment from your browser- or web service
  • Copy from or execute from storage server
  • Configurate machine deployment granularity
  • Set up automatic load balancing of machines deployed on host servers
  • Get Side-by-side execution of cloned configurations across physical server boundaries, even when IP addresses duplicated on a subnet
  • Select your provisioning heuristic - rapid start, maximized performance
  • Machine Templates:
  • Instantly create new machines from templates with distinct personalization- automated assignment of MAC and IP addresses, and SID (for Windows systems)
  • Create new templates via cloning and modification of existing templates
  • Import pre-existing VM images for use as templates
  • Automatically install mouse and keyboard enhancements for VMs
  • Set up optional Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) capability for storage and management of existing machines
  • Configure public-private scoping and list filtering of templates
  • Resource Management:
  • Automatically track and issue IP addresses
  • Manage storage server setup with add, delete, refresh, modify properties
  • Configure managed servers with add, delete, refresh, agent upgrade, remove from service, modify properties
  • Monitoring:
  • See an active unified "in motion" view of server pool and VM operations
  • Drill-down on server, configuration and machine details
  • View all deployed machines
  • View events and job logs
  • Web Services and Command Line Interface (Automation API):
  • Full programmatic control of capture-and-restore operations
  • Out-of-the-box automation with leading test automation tools
  • Standards-based interface (SOAP, WSDL, HTTP)
  • Sample .NET and Java code illustrating use of APIs
  • Administration and Security:
  • User, permission and quota management
  • Out-of-the-box support for LDAP
  • Administrator role assignment to multiple users
  • User self-managed preferences
  • Context-sensitive on-screen help
  • Installation:
  • Standard Windows setup.exe installer for all components
  • Automated addition of managed servers to deployment pool

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VMware vCenter Lab Manager
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VMware vCenter Lab ManagerVMware vCenter Lab Manager
What's New in version 4.0.4 Build
  • New Features - Lab Manager 4.0.4 provides the following new features and performance enhancements:
  • New Guest Customization Support:
  • This release of vCenter Lab Manager provides following guest customization support
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