Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack-

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It includes MFC components that come in handy for developers who need to create applications with the look & feel of Office or Visual Studio

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Especially intended for C++ developers, Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack proves to be a steady and effective solution that provides them with reliable and practical libraries and components in order to improve their development and boost their productivity.

It supports the creation of programs that have Office ribbon style interface, modern docking toolbars and panes and a rich set of advanced GUI controls.

MFC and TR1 implementation

With the help of the included MFC components, developers are able to easily create applications with interface that resemble Microsoft Office, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Foundation Class (shortly known as MFC) is a library that allows C++ classes to use a default application framework. What’s more, the component comes with support for modern user interface elements such as docking windows and MIDI tabbed windows similar to those used in Visual Studio, enhanced toolbars and intuitive controls.

As far as the TR1 component is concerned, you are able to make use of various pointers, regular expressions, containers and random number generators.

Additionally, C++ Technical Report1 (TR1) includes support for fixed-size arrays, template types and hash tables.

Create applications with the look & feel of Microsoft’s most popular products

Because of the components, libraries, objects and classes that Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack comes with, C++ developers are able to gain access to various features in order to design and build their own applications, using the ‘Office 2003’, ‘Office 2007’ or ‘Visual Studio 2005’ style.

The wizard of the MFC component enables you to change the application type from ‘Single document’ to ‘Multiple documents’ or ‘Dialog based’, modify the project style, as well as the visual style and colors.

A straightforward solution with template types, moderns toolbars and GUI controllers

In closing, Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack integrates various libraries and components, here referring to shell management classes, polymorphic function wrappers, modern Visual Studio-style docking toolbars and new containers (such as tuple and array, to name a few). On this manner, users are able to build applications that have Office ribbon style interface.

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 24th, 2014