Romeolight Scriptm (formerly Script-M)

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Obfuscate, minify and beautify JavaScript code and optimize CSS files, making them lighter in size and easier to handle to any programmer

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Script-M serves to compress both JavaScript and CSS files in a manner that brings benefit to developers, as well as to users who access content written with either these two programing languages.

Code minification is a very important part of web development, the main target of such a process being a smaller amount of data in terms of transfer from the server to the client side. In simpler words, code that’s more lightweight will have a lower impact on the cache generated on the end user’s machine, which is a desirable strategy for any web platform.

Tools such as Script-M can make this possible, most often by removing unnecessary characters from JS and CSS files while preserving the functionality of the code. The resulting files are much lighter in size, up to 80%, depending, of course, on the contents of the source code.

Using Script-M is not conditioned necessarily by the amount of tech knowledge; however, it is recommended that the output returned by the program is verified for functionality, which requires professional assistance.

As mentioned, the program can handle both JS and CSS files, which can be dragged and dropped to its main window, this being the only possibility to add files to the processing area. The ability to optimize multiple files at a time is much appreciated, however there’s no possibility to remove files from the conversion queue, which poses some degree of discomfort.

Once the files have been put through the minifying algorithm, the program will list its optimized size compared to the original one, as well as the level of compression that was obtained, in percentages. The results are saved inside the source folder, however, the originals are not overwritten during the process.

Our tests revealed a significant decrease in size, which was produced at fast pace. The only downside we can put our finger on is the lack of an option to clear items from the optimization list individually.

Romeolight Scriptm (formerly Script-M) was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
Romeolight Scriptm (formerly Script-M) - With Romeolight Scriptm you can easily optimize and format your JavaScript and CSS code.Romeolight Scriptm (formerly Script-M) - Romeolight Scriptm also enables you to paste code snippets and minify or beautify them with a single click.Romeolight Scriptm (formerly Script-M) - Romeolight Scriptm can obfuscate JavaScript code and optimize CSS files by removing comment sections.